Anxiety is something that I, along with many of my friends, have dealt with for a long time. For one of my classes, my final project was to visualize feelings of anxiety and panic attacks. I took my own experiences and asked some of my friends about what it felt like when they were anxious or panicking. With the help of Laura, Natasha and Avery, we recreated these feelings of everything becoming a blur, feeling smothered, choked, pulled, twisted, suppressed and weighed down.

In Laura's words, anxiety becomes "a blur, a mental separation from the rest of the world as I swim in a different one, desperately trying to reach the surface and reemerge into a sharp, clear consciousness, a normal heartbeat, free of hallucinations and overwhelming seizures of my body, the feeling that I am stuck in a panic I'll never be able to leave."

With this project, I wanted to share these visceral experiences in the only way that I can, visually. I want people to talk about mental health openly and without judgement so that we can all try to empathize and conquer.